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This website might be about coding, or about ircing, or about linux. But it is not. Some day it might become, but again, it might not. If you think there should be something useful, please send all your ideas via email to webmaster. The webmaster account may be forwarded directly to /dev/null, if you know what I mean, but probably it is not.

This website is mostly about geekdom, in all it's beautiful forms. If you've spotted at least a dozen typos, or preferably errors in the html or css of this page, you probably are one yourself. And fear not, for it is not a bad thing, not at all. Cherish your geekdom, and one day, you might find yourself enlightened. When you will start thinking in perl, you're near.

Remember, that geekdom doesn't mean, that you're unsocial, pizza faced four-eye. Really, you don't need any of these qualities to be a true geek. These are only needed, if you want others to think you're a geek, which is normally not true for a geek, only for geek wannabes. True geekdom lies within. If you're in to tech-stuff, have great eye for detail and feel like one, you might very well be one.

The ircing.org "community" was founded in a school called "Päivölä". It was the lust for pretty domains of two people, that got it all started. The people were inz and mikas. The core crew has remained in it's original form ever since.

There are nowadays a few more more or less active members, which may or may not want their names listed here. And as I don't know, if they want to be here, and am too lazy to ask, shall I not disclose their names/nicks here.

If you, for any reason, want to contact us, the easiest way is to visit our irc -channel (#ircing.org, IRCNet) and say, what you want to say. Please note though, that this might not be so easy, since we only let people using finnish irc-servers to join our channel. So msgs are the way to go then. If you fail in getting your sorry arse to IRC, you can use email. If you can't think of a address using the information found this far, don't bother.